A proposal for an IOI syllabus

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Abstract: The International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) is the premier competition in computing science for secondary education. The competition problems are algorithmic in nature, but the IOI Regulations do not clearly define the scope of the competition. The international olympiads in physics, chemistry, and biology do have an official syllabus, whereas the International Mathematical Olympiad has made the deliberate decision not to have an official syllabus. We argue that the benefits of having an official IOI Syllabus outweigh the disadvantages. Guided by a set of general principles we present a proposal for an IOI Syllabus, divided into four main areas: mathematics, computing science, software engineering, and computer literacy.

Keywords: informatics competitions, mathematics, computing science, software engineering, computer literacy, computing science education, syllabus

Download: http://tmcs.math.klte.hu/Contents/2006-Vol-IV-Issue-I.html (requires subscription)

Comments: The current version of the syllabus is maintained by Michal Forišek at http://people.ksp.sk/~misof/ioi-syllabus/ (free to download).