Analyzing programming contest statistics

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  • Online article: Analyzing programming contest statistics
  • Author(s): Shahriar Manzoor
  • Year: 2006
  • Conference: Perspectives on computer science competitions for (high school) students

Abstract: In this paper we will try to analyze a large database of submission of contestants from different parts of the world and provide some important results which was never presented before in this manner and at this scale. These results may enable us to find out what aspects of programming contests need to be changed to make it more meaningful, how practice and experience improves the performance of a contestant and it will also create new openings on which we can continue our study in future. It will also help us to identify the geographic locations which are not lightened by programming contest and then we can take initiatives for those regions. At the end of this paper we will try to put together some suggestions to improve programming contest by making IOI and ICPC more similar.

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