Baltic olympiads in informatics: Challenges for training together

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Abstract: Baltic Olympiad in Informatics (BOI) is an annual informatics competition established by the three Baltic countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in 1995 for upper secondary school students. BOI was later expanded to include all countries located around the Baltic Sea. One of the main goals of the BOI is to bring gifted students together and let them gain experience from an international event before participating in the International Olympiad in Informatics. Another important goal is to bring together the team leaders from different countries and to share their experience by creating common tasks. All tasks are developed and discussed as well as translated before the BOI event using online facilities. The paper reviews some parts of the history of the BOI and gives a short glance at the current state of informatics education in the BOI countries. The main attention is focused on the task preparation process as well as presentation and analysis of statistical data from the previous BOI. Finally some development ideas and discussion on the future of the BOI competition are presented.

Keywords: olympiads in informatics, programming competitions, training, task categories

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