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This page contains a few "How To" items to help people getting started on the wiki.

Getting a wiki account

You need to contact Wolfgang_Pohl, you can find his email on his presentation page

Creating a person page

One of the first thing you might want to do would be to modify your presentation page.

First you need to check if your presentation page already exists. To do so, just go to the people page and try to find your name.

You found your name

Just click on your name and then on the edit link on the top of the page, you can now modify the informations.

You didn't found your name

You need to create a new page. One easy way to do it is to use the search feature in the left menu and to search for "YourLastName_YourFirstName". Then just click on the "create this page" link that will be in this page.

Then go to person template page to have more information on how to modify your presentation page.

The "Person" template

Each presentation page is using a wiki template to facilitate formatting. You will just need to modify the different informations you can find on the page and the template will generate the page with the list of publications and others informations.

To get more help on this template you can look at this page.