Improving the evaluation model for the Lithuanian Informatics Olympiads

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  • Article: Improving the evaluation model for the Lithuanian Informatics Olympiads
  • Author(s): Jūratė Skūpienė
  • Journal: Informatics in Education 9 (2010), no. 1, 141-158

Abstract: The Lithuanian Informatics Olympiads (LitIO) is a problem solving programming contest for students in secondary education. The work of the student to be evaluated is an algorithm designed by the student and implemented as a working program. The current evaluation process involves both automated (for correctness and performance of programs with the given input data) and manual (for programming style, written motivation of an algorithm) grading. However, it is based on tradition and has not been scientifically discussed and motivated. To create an improved and motivated evaluation model, we put together a questionnaire and asked a group of foreign and Lithuanian experts having experience in various informatics contests to respond. We identified two basic directions in the suggested evaluation models and made a choice based on the goals of LitIO. While designing the model in the paper, we reflected on the suggestions and opinions of the experts as much as possible, even if they were not included into the proposed model. The paper presents the final outcome of this work, the proposed evaluation model for the Lithuanian Informatics Olympiads.

Keywords: informatics olympiads, programming contests, algorithms, evaluation, grading

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