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Hello, visitor.

You just opened the demo version of an IOI cooperation site.

The framework for this site was created during the IOI workshop in Dagstuhl, Germany in May 2010. Below you will find more information about this workshop.

On the right you can see a list of features we are currently implementing. Feel free to look around and try them out! Should you have any ideas how to improve anything, please do share them – or even better, implement them. To do so you can look at the getting started page.

IOI Workshop 2010

Here you can find all the content directly related to the actual workshop.

  • Submissions
    All accepted submissions to the workshop.
  • Further Input for Discussion
    Other papers / drafts / etc. that contain suggestions and other input. Feel free to make contributions!
  • Proposed schedule for the workshop.
    It is subject to discussion, and may be changed flexibly in order to optimce effectiveness and efficiency of the workshop.
  • Working page of the IOI taxonomy group.

Featured content

Semantic data

This page uses the Semantic MediaWiki extension in order to store and use semantic data. As a simple example of what this extension can do, check out the List of people who currently have pages in the wiki.

Publications repository

  • All the publications can be found in the Category:Publications. This category will contain subcategories that will allow you to browse the publications based on the areas they cover.
  • Try searching for a specific publication.

Task repository

This is a public repository of competition tasks. The tasks in this repository can be seen and downloaded by anyone. They are accompanied with semantic data that can help you find tasks with specific properties. All the tasks can be found in the Category:Tasks, or can be found by Contest