Naturalness in tasks for olympiads in informatics

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  • Article: Naturalness in tasks for olympiads in informatics
  • Author(s): Pavel S. Pankov
  • Journal: Olympiads in Informatics 2 (2008), 115-121

Abstract: There are two main ways to invent tasks for olympiads of a high level: one way is to invent or choose an effective algorithm and compose a corresponding subject, and another way is to think out a real situation or task and try to formalize it. The second way is more difficult because it is multi-stage: the author needs to find some effective algorithm for a task obtained; if the best algorithm is obvious or the only algorithm seems to be exponential then we need to rework the formulation, etc. But by our opinion the second way is preferable because it can yield original tasks with natural, short and elegant formulations and give less advantage to experienced participants. We shall consider the second way in detail in this paper.

Keywords: olympiads in informatics, tasks, naturalness

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