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20 years of IOI competition tasks +Tom Verhoeff  +


50% rule should be changed +Bogdan Yakovenko  +


A black box game +Cesar Cepeda  +, Hugo Ryckeboer  +
A mathematician reflecting on the International Olympiad in Informatics +Benjamin Burton  +
A proposal for a task preparation process +Krzysztof Diks  +, Marcin Kubica  +, Jakub Radoszewski  +,
A proposal for an IOI syllabus +Tom Verhoeff  +, Gyula Horváth  +, Krzysztof Diks  +,
Algorithmic Problem Solving and Novel Associations +David Ginat  +
Algorithms without programming +Marcin Kubica  +, Jakub Radoszewski  +
Aliens +Pavel Pankov  +
An enticing environment for programming +Tom Verhoeff  +
An evaluation of mathematics competitions using item response theory +Jim Gleason  +
Analyzing programming contest statistics +Shahriar Manzoor  +
Archery +Velin Tzanov  +
Architecture +Benjamin Burton  +


Baltic olympiads in informatics: Challenges for training together +Timo Poranen  +, Valentina Dagiene  +, Åsmund Eldhuset  +,
Bebras international contest on informatics and computer literacy: Criteria for good tasks +Valentina Dagiene  +, Gerald Futschek  +
Binary codes +Janne Kujala  +
Birthday +Jakub Pawlewicz  +
Boxes +Isto Aho  +
Brazilian Olympiad in Informatics +Ricardo de Oliveira Anido  +, Raphael Marcos Menderico  +
Break +Hal Burch  +
Breaking the routine: Events to complement informatics olympiad training +Benjamin Burton  +


Challenges in running a computer olympiad in South Africa +Bruce Merry  +, Marco Gallotta  +, Carl Hultquist  +
Chip +Ante Ðerek  +
Competitive learning in informatics: The UVa online judge experience +Miguel A. Revilla  +, Shahriar Manzoor  +, Rujia Liu  +
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