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20 years of IOI competition tasks +Article  +


50% rule should be changed +Online article  +


A mathematician reflecting on the International Olympiad in Informatics +Article  +
A proposal for a task preparation process +Article  +
A proposal for an IOI syllabus +Article  +
Algorithmic Problem Solving and Novel Associations +Article  +
Algorithms without programming +Article  +
An enticing environment for programming +Article  +
An evaluation of mathematics competitions using item response theory +Article  +
Analyzing programming contest statistics +Online article  +


Baltic olympiads in informatics: Challenges for training together +Article  +
Bebras international contest on informatics and computer literacy: Criteria for good tasks +Conference paper  +
Brazilian Olympiad in Informatics +Article  +
Breaking the routine: Events to complement informatics olympiad training +Article  +


Challenges in running a computer olympiad in South Africa +Article  +
Competitive learning in informatics: The UVa online judge experience +Article  +
Computer science contests for secondary school students: Approaches to classification +Article  +
Computer science contests in Germany +Article  +
Concepts, terminology, and notations for IOI competition tasks +Online article  +
Contests in programming: Quarter century of Lithuanian experience +Article  +
Creating and visualizing test data from programming exercises +Article  +
Creating informatics olympiad tasks: Exploring the black art +Article  +


Development and exploration of Chinese National Olympiad in Informatics (CNOI) +Article  +


Early introduction of competitive programming +Article  +
Encouraging algorithmic thinking without a computer +Article  +
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