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20 years of IOI competition tasksTom Verhoeff
50% rule should be changedBogdan Yakovenko
A mathematician reflecting on the International Olympiad in InformaticsBenjamin Burton
A proposal for a task preparation processKrzysztof Diks
Marcin Kubica
Jakub Radoszewski
Krzysztof Stencel
A proposal for an IOI syllabusTom Verhoeff
Gyula Horváth
Krzysztof Diks
Gordon Cormack
Algorithmic Problem Solving and Novel AssociationsDavid Ginat
Algorithms without programmingMarcin Kubica
Jakub Radoszewski
An enticing environment for programmingTom Verhoeff
An evaluation of mathematics competitions using item response theoryJim Gleason
Analyzing programming contest statisticsShahriar Manzoor
Baltic olympiads in informatics: Challenges for training togetherTimo Poranen
Valentina Dagiene
Åsmund Eldhuset
Heikki Hyyrö
Marcin Kubica
Antti Laaksonen
Martins Opmanis
Wolfgang Pohl
Jūratė Skūpienė
Pär Söderhjelm
Ahto Truu
Bebras international contest on informatics and computer literacy: Criteria for good tasksValentina Dagiene
Gerald Futschek
Roland T. Mittermeir
Maciej M. Sysło
Brazilian Olympiad in InformaticsRicardo de Oliveira Anido
Raphael Marcos Menderico
Breaking the routine: Events to complement informatics olympiad trainingBenjamin Burton
Challenges in running a computer olympiad in South AfricaBruce Merry
Marco Gallotta
Carl Hultquist
Competitive learning in informatics: The UVa online judge experienceMiguel A. Revilla
Shahriar Manzoor
Rujia Liu
Computer science contests for secondary school students: Approaches to classificationWolfgang Pohl
Computer science contests in GermanyWolfgang Pohl
Concepts, terminology, and notations for IOI competition tasksTom Verhoeff
Contests in programming: Quarter century of Lithuanian experienceValentina Dagiene
Jūratė Skūpienė
Creating and visualizing test data from programming exercisesPetri Ihantola
Creating informatics olympiad tasks: Exploring the black artBenjamin Burton
Mathias Hiron
Development and exploration of Chinese National Olympiad in Informatics (CNOI)Hong Wang
Baolin Yin
Wenxin Li
Early introduction of competitive programmingPedro Ribeiro
Pedro Guerreiro
Encouraging algorithmic thinking without a computerBenjamin Burton
Finding the median under IOI conditionsGyula Horváth
Tom Verhoeff
Gender and programming contests: Mitigating exclusionary practicesMaryanne Fisher
Anthony Cox
Get involved! The IOI workshop 2010, its goals and resultsWolfgang Pohl
Benjamin Burton
Valentina Dagiene
Jittat Fakcharoenphol
Michal Forišek
Mathias Hiron
Martins Opmanis
Bronius Skupas
Willem van der Vegt
IOI Israel – team selection, training, and statisticsEla Zur
Tamar Benaya
David Ginat
IOI'01 competitionJyrki Nummenmaa
Erkki Mäkinen
Isto Aho
Improving the automatic evaluation of problem solutions in programming contestsPedro Ribeiro
Pedro Guerreiro
Improving the evaluation model for the Lithuanian Informatics OlympiadsJūratė Skūpienė
In praise of tweaking: A wiki-like programming contestNed Gulley
Increasing the appeal of programming contests with tasks involving graphical user interfaces and computer graphicsPedro Ribeiro
Pedro Guerreiro
Indonesian Olympiad in InformaticsIlham W. Kurnia
Brian Marshal
Informatics olympiads: Approaching mathematics through codeBenjamin Burton
Informatics olympiads: Challenges in programming and algorithm designBenjamin BurtonGillian Dobbie
Bernard Mans
Information technology contests – introduction to computer science in an attractive wayValentina Dagiene
Infrastructure for contest task developmentRob Kolstad
Introduction to algorithmsThomas H. Cormen
Charles E. Leiserson
Ronald L. Rivest
Clifford Stein
Is APL2 a competitive language for international Olympiads in informatics?I. Mironov
V. Bargachev
Italian olympiads in informaticsGiorgio Casadei
Bruno Fadini
Marta Genoviè De Vita
JBOI – one more possibility for increasing the number of competitors in informaticsBiserka Yovcheva
Galina Momcheva
Petar Petrov
Japanese Olympiad in InformaticsSeiichi Tani
Etsuro Moriya
Manual grading in an informatics contestWolfgang Pohl
Moe – design of a modular grading systemMartin Mareš
Multiple choice style informaticsJordan Tabov
Emil Kelevedzhiev
Borislav Lazarov
Mutual influence of the national educational standard and olympiad in informatics contentsVladimir M. Kiryukhin
Naturalness in tasks for olympiads in informaticsPavel S. Pankov
New task types at the Canadian computing competitionGraeme Kemkes
Gordon Cormack
Ian Munro
Troy Vasiga
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