Regular competitions in Croatia

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  • Article: Regular competitions in Croatia
  • Author(s): Predrag Brodanac
  • Journal: Olympiads in Informatics 1 (2007), 15-23

Abstract: Getting the Olympiad team which will consist of the best informaticians is a really big problem. In the Republic of Croatia, over the years, different competition models have been experimented with, often using the previous, abandoned models or introducing the new ones. Each of these models had its own advantages and disadvantages, but none of them have been the perfect one. The current model also has its own disadvantages, but the biggest drawback is that the competitors are overburdened at the time when they are supposed to do their best. The students are under a lot of pressure, so there have been some thoughts about the model, according to which additional time would be put between the final competitions.

Keywords: programming, competitions, competitors, the Croatian Olympiad in Informatics, International Olympiads in Informatics, the Olympiad team

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