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Abstract: Programming competitions have become very popular over the recent years. There are competitions for secondary school students like IOI, as well as academic contests – like ACM ICPC. There are also open competitions (TopCoder for instance). Many services allowing students to develop their programming skills towards participation in these competitions have been created. Everything indicates that this is one of the fastest evolving ways of teaching young people Computer Science. The main problem is there is yet no software available on the market that would allow a simple user set up his own competition. All available software (even if freeware) is hard to configure, requires comprehensive knowledge of its construction and specialized hardware. An easy to use system for running programming competitions is indispensable. The system that can be used by a teacher to carry out a test for his/her students, the system that can be installed and maintain by anyone who knows the basis of computer usage.

SIO.NET was designed to satisfy these demands – it is an easy-to-use, plug & play contest hosting system that allows anyone to set up and run his own coding competition on any computer.

Download: (free)