Security of programming contest systems

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  • Conference paper: Security of programming contest systems
  • Author(s): Michal Forišek
  • Book: Information technologies at school: Selected papers of the 2nd international conference "Informatics in Secondary Schools: Evolution and Perspectives" (Valentina Dagiene, Roland Mittermeir, ed.), Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Vilnius, 2006, pp. 553-563
  • Conference: 2nd international conference on Informatics in Secondary Schools: Evolution and Perspectives (ISSEP)

Abstract: In this paper we examine currently used programming contest systems. We discuss possible reasons why we do not expect any of the currently existing contest systems to be adopted by a major group of different programming contests.

We suggest to approach the design of a contest system as a design of a secure IT system, using known methods from the area of computer security.

The main contribution of this paper lies in a detailed analysis of new, specific threats that arise in the context of programming contests. A secure contest system should be able to handle all the threats mentioned in this article.

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