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Objective scoring for computing competition tasksGraeme Kemkes
Troy Vasiga
Gordon Cormack
Roland T. Mittermeir
Olympiads in informatics: Macedonian experience, needs, challengesMetodija Janceski
Veno Pacovski
On the suitability of programming tasks for automated evaluationMichal Forišek
On using testing-related tasks in the IOIAhto Truu
Heno Ivanov
Performance analysis of sandboxes for reactive tasksBruce Merry
Perspectives on grading systemsMartin Mareš
Polish olympiad in informatics – 14 years of experienceKrzysztof Diks
Marcin Kubica
Krzysztof Stencel
Problem-solving through problemsLoren C. Larson
Programming challenges: The programming contest training manualSteven S. Skiena
Miguel A. Revilla
Programming contests for school students in BulgariaKrassimir Manev
Emil Kelevedjiev
Stoyan Kapralov
Programming contests: Two innovative models from New ZealandRaewyn Boersen
M. Phillipps
Programming task packages: Peach exchange formatTom Verhoeff
Random factors in IOI 2005 test case scoringGordon Cormack
Real processes as sources for tasks in informaticsPavel S. Pankov
Regular competitions in CroatiaPredrag Brodanac
Representational means for tasks in informaticsPavel S. Pankov
Kirill A. Baryshnikov
Romanian national olympiads in informatics and trainingEmanuela Cerchez
Mugurel Ionuţ Andreica
SIO.NET: Plug & play contest systemMarcin Michalski
Marcin Kosieradzki
Wojciech Rygielski
Piotr Stańczyk
Krzysztof Ciebiera
Krzysztof Diks
Security of programming contest systemsMichal ForišekValentina Dagiene
Roland Mittermeir
Seeking or skipping regularities? Novice tendencies and the role of invariantsDavid Ginat
Selection mechanism and task creation of Chinese National Olympiad in InformaticsHong Wang
Baolin Yin
Rujia Liu
Wenbin Tang
Weidong Hu
Slovak IOI 2007 team selection and preparationMichal Forišek
Some ways to improve olympiads in informaticsMartins Opmanis
Strategy for ICT skills teachers and informatics olympiad coaches developmentVladimir M. Kiryukhin
Marina S. Tsvetkova
Structure, scoring and purpose of computing competitionsGordon Cormack
Ian Munro
Troy Vasiga
Graeme Kemkes
Taking kids into programming (contests) with ScratchAbdulrahman Idlbi
Tasks and training the intermediate age students for informatics competitionsEmil Kelevedjiev
Zornitsa Dzhenkova
Tasks and training the youngest beginners for informatics competitionsEmil Kelevedjiev
Zornitsa Dzhenkova
Tasks at Kyrgyzstani olympiads in informatics: Experience and proposalsPavel S. Pankov
Timur R. Oruskulov
Tasks on graphsKrassimir Manev
Teaching algorithmics for informatics olympiads: The French methodArthur Charguéraud
Mathias Hiron
Team competition in mathematics and informatics "Ugāle" – finding new task typesMartins Opmanis
Testing of programs with random generated test casesKrassimir Manev
Biserka Yovcheva
Milko Yankov
Peter Petrov
Testing programming skills with multiple choice questionsDavid Clark
The 2005 Australian Informatics CompetitionDavid Clark
The CodeCup, an annual game programming competitionWillem van der Vegt
The IOI is (not) a science olympiadTom Verhoeff
The Informatics Olympiad in MongoliaLhaichin Choijoovanchig
Sambuu Uyanga
Mendee Dashnyam
The New Zealand experience of finding informatics talentMargot Phillipps
The algorithm design manualSteven S. Skiena
The art of problem solvingDavid Patrick
The difficulty of programming contests increasesMichal Forišek
The modern contents of the Russian national olympiads in informaticsVladimir M. Kiryukhin
The olympiads in informatics as a part of the state program of school informatization in RussiaMarina S. Tsvetkova
The overlooked don't-care notion in algorithmic problem solvingDavid Ginat
The role of reactive and game tasks in competitionsIlia Ninka
The unfortunate novice theme of direct transformationDavid Ginat
USA Computing Olympiad (USACO)Rob Kolstad
Don Piele
Using a Linux security module for contest securityBruce Merry
Using crossnumber puzzles to teach computing studentsDavid Clark
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