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IOI Taxonomy

The IOI taxonomy is to be used mainly to categorize content items of the new IOI Wiki. The categories can have several different purposes: they might indicate the content area that the item most specifically belongs to, but they could also indicate a specific kind of item. For instance, a delegation page cannot be assigned a content area, but might be categorized as "delegation" page. A third branch of the taxonomy will contain areas of professional practice, which members of the IOI community are working in (or on).

For the content branch, we mainly define a taxonomy of notions related to IOI's main content area: algorithmics. Before defining this part of the taxonomy, we took a look at the IOI syllabus and the content taxonomy of For further development, the table of contents of standard textbooks can be considered (e.g., Skiena's "Algorithm Design Manual"). Beyond algorithmics, there are taxonomies for programming environments and languages that could be considered (e.g., see an article by Kelleher/Pausch).